About Me

Hi, I’m Roland

I’m a huge archery fan (and sort of an archer myself)!

However, being an archery fan is one thing. Yet, learning about it and getting serious about archery is totally different. At least, it was for me when I started researching archery online. And, I was dumbfounded. There was so much information to digest, from professional guides, to forums, and even interesting facts.

It inspired me to get even more serious about archery. I practiced as a hobby, but finding and testing all this information helped me a lot. 

I tried to watch every professional archery competition on TV that I heard about, and I even participated in some amateur tournaments. And, I even took archery classes, mostly offline, but also some online classes as well.

So, when I went back to read the resources on archery, it gave a much better insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Yet, I sat one day down, and something popped into my mind. I love archery, and it’s something I’m very passionate about. I can see that all these resources could be so much better. Just if they had a pinch of an actual experience added to it. 

However, I was still doubting my knowledge. So, I participated in online forums, and attended local meetings as well. Exchanging information with experts and veterans of archery was really great for my growth, but the growth of my future blog as well. 

Thus, when I synthesized all that knowledge and practice this blog was born. I enriched my knowledge of archery and decided to share it with all other aspiring archers, and veterans as well. So, I compiled all that in neatly-formatted blog posts that you can read, share, and enjoy as you learn and implement their knowledge in your archery practice.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a professional archer. I do this as a hobby, but I can tell you one thing. There are no barriers to getting serious about your hobby. At least, that’s what I did. And, you can do the same. 

In my archery blog, I am going to share various archery-related content. There’s going to be information on bows and crossbows, arrows and bolts, practice targets, accessories, practice, scopes and so on. The whole purpose of the blog is to help you improve your archery, learn, practice, and enjoy it more than ever before. 

Also, it comes with special tips for hunting purposes. Hunt is a fun and amazing activity in which you can immerse yourself fully. So, while we are going to cover the bases of archery, you are also going to get a lot of hunting tips. 

So, take your time and read through the resources. If you have any kind of questions, please contact us at archeryguidance@gmail.com. But, most of all, remember to have fun. Archery is an ancient skill that is awesome to master. And, if you learn in both theory and practice it’s going to be even more fun. Take every advantage of it.